The Annual Fra Angelico Award

Year- Place of Gathering - Awardee
1998 (Mission San Jose) Adele Rowland—Photographer, Photomontage
1999 (Sinsinawa) Stephana Toomey—Liturgical Consultant/Interior Design
2000 (Adrian)James Marchionda—Musician/Composer/Vocal/Preacher
2001 Elkins Park)Kathleen Harkins—Drama/Actress
Mary Peter Tremonte—Sculptor/Liturgical Design
2002 (Sinsinawa)Armando Ibanez—Writer/Poet/Film Maker
2003 (Sparkill)Barbara Chenicek—Interior Liturgical Design
                                   Rita Schiltz—Interior Liturgical Design
2004(Racine)Adele Myers—Sculptor/Stain Glass Artist
2005 (Adrian)Thoma Swanson—Painter/Advocate for the Poor
2006 (Mission San Jose)Phyllis Mrozinski—Sculptor
2007 (Racine)Joeann Daley—Printmaker/Mixed Media
2008 (Columbus)Dominic Delay—Film Maker/Writer/Director
2009 (Convent Station)Martha Bartholomew—Weaver of Words&Fabric
2010 (Grand Rapids)Elizabeth Michael Boyle—Poet
2011 (Springfield)Anita Smisek—Composer/Musician/Vocalist
2012 (Oakland)Magdalena Ezoe—Musician/ Composer/ Painter
2013 (Columbus)Barbara Schwarz—Multi-Media
​2014 (Adrian) Alice Van Acker - Painting
2015 (Great Bend) Elaine DesRosiers- Painter/Writer/Poet/Actress/Media
2016 (Racine) Elizabeth Slenker - stained glass/ painting/graphic design
2017 (Adrian) Janet Wright - water colorist
2018 (Adrian) Nancy Murray- Drama
2019 (St. Louis) Sheila Flynn OP- art, writing, 
2020  Irene Mary Diones - music, photography, calligraphy
The Fra Angelico Award is the highest honor that the DIA bestows on one of its members. Originally the Award was carved in alabaster by Phyllis Mrozinski OP. Eventually the DIA commissioned Phyllis to cast it in bronze and clearly depict the Dominican Friar and artist, Fra Angelico. This later version sits on a bronze base with a paintbrush worked into the design to hold the medallion in an upright position. 

The Fra Angelico Award is presented every year to a DIA artist who exemplifies Fra Angelico’s dedication to furthering the Holy Preaching through art.

Criteria used for this designation:
•the artist’s work is of the highest quality in his or her discipline
•it is highly honored in artistic circles
•the artist exemplifies the ideals of the DIA

2020 Fra Angelico Award Recipient

Irene Mary Diones OP​

Fra Angelico 

One of the Fra Angelico recipients who nominated Irene Mary Diones wrote: “Irene Mary’s strength derives from the inspirational value and variety in productions of music and visual art including calligraphy. A composer and performer of liturgical music, she deserves recognition for the consistent and generous contribution of her talents to gospel inspired groups. Review of her photographic images shows her inner contemplative at work and the external energy it creates in a group.

 A singular dedication to the benefit of others has marked a decades-long membership in DIA. Whenever a call goes out for members’ cooperation, from the Board or from the newsletter, you can count on Irene Mary to be among the first to respond and to persuade others to do so” The author of these words?—Elizabeth Michael Boyle OP.

Irene Mary designed the DIA logo which has been our symbol for twenty four years and subsequently designed and made the DIA banner which hangs on every Gathering podium and is carried during our Liturgy processions.

She has graced us with her multi-talented abilities by giving totally of herself for the needs of DIA and to others to whom she ministers daily.

Irene Mary epitomizes the ideals of the Dominican Institute for the Arts because she continuously lives the mission of DIA by preaching God’s Word through her multifaceted art.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure that the Dominican Institute for the Arts presents the 2020 Fra Angelico Award to Dominican Sister of Mission San Jose, Irene Mary Diones.