Dominican Institute for the Arts
Catherine Anderson OP
Searching for Truth and Beauty. Preaching through the Transforming Power of the Arts

Butterfly                                                                            Cornflower
Psalm 42                                                                                        Sunflower
I have been drawing and painting since I was 5 years old. I am mostly self-taught,
although I did take a few summer classes. I thank God for my talent and my mother Rose for her encouragement. I have used this talent teaching children and adults. The times of painting have been moments of contemplation and openness to the Spirit leading me. The
last few years I have been more aware how art can influence people in our culture in reference to the needs of the times especially in the area of justice and healing. I continue to learn daily.

Catherine Anderson,
Hildagard's Cosmic Egg
Peace Rose
Woman rising from Oppression
Sunset in Florida