Dominican Institute for the Arts
Dominican Institute for the Arts
Searching for Truth and Beauty. Preaching through the Transforming Power of the Arts
Searching for Truth and Beauty. Preaching through the Transforming Power of the Arts
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Report of the Legacy Commission: Your Artwork and Its Future

The Legacy Commission –Elizabeth Michael Boyle, Barbara Cer-venka, Joeann Daley, and Elaine DesRosiers—reported on their year-long exploration of actions each artist can take to assure the meaningful survival of her best works. Under the title, “Your Art-work and Its Future,” the group’s panel discussion stimulated a lively exchange. Clarifying input from Mary Navarre, Grand Rapids archivist, stressed the role of artifacts as historical documents. Recommendations distributed by the Commission will be sent from the Board to every congregation’s leadership In the Fall. A packet containing the three guidelines was distributed to each DIA mem-ber present, with the reminder that artists are responsible for their own legacy. The time to begin is NOW. Links to the guidelines may be found on the DIA website ( ).
2018 DIA GATHERING SAVE THE DATE: July 25-28, 2018

Weber Center, Adrian, Michigan

Cost: Private Room-$420 Double Room $350 
Campus Sisters $200

The Keynote Speaker, Theologian Frances Belmonte, Ph.D. was chosen by the Planning Commission
on the strength of evaluations of her challenging message at the 2014 Gathering.

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