I think the DIA is particularly appropriate for Dominicans for we are using the creativity which God has shared with us to talk about God. Because what we make is basically a reflection of his word, his goodness, his generosity to us and by using our creativity to make art for other people, ourselves or decoration we are preaching. 

There are so many ways that our creativity which is a gift of God can advance our ideas, our way of life, our vocations. The DIA gives us a wide opportunity to do this with others.
                                 – Thoma Swanson OP
The Dominican Institute for the Arts is a grassroots collaboration of sisters, friars, laity and associates of the Order of Preachers. We are committed to preaching through the arts.

We are painters, musicians, dancers, sculptors, film makers, potters, poets actors, composers, writers, designers of sacred space, dramatists, any other art form you can imagine, and those who appreciate and support the arts. 

DIA provides an invitation to a very rich and artistically contemplative annual gathering. Cost of Membership is a fee of $35 annually. 

You need not be a professional artist to engage in the DIA. Criteria is simple: be a supporter of the arts as preaching and a Dominican friar, sister, associate, nun or Dominican laity.

 You can fill out the Membership and Biography forms by downloading forms at right. Instructions are on the form

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Here is what some of our members have to say about DIA.
Mary Vosters OP
Pat Daly OPA
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Dominic Delay OP
Membership goes from 
January to December 2022
Our newest members

Welcome to New Members of the DIA lthough the pandemic has kept us from gathering, new members have joined to participate in our collaborative efforts. Among those who have joined are: Annemarie Kallenbach OPA (Adrian) Catherine Gundlach OPA (Racine) Cristobal Torres OP (Southern Province) Frandel Kay Marsh OP (St. Joseph Province/Laity) Kack Nugent OPA (Tacoma) Lea Koesterer OPA (Racine) Marlene Kasama OPA (Peace) Mary Pat Neylon OP (Amityville) Teresa Hougnon MM (Maryknoll) A grand welcome to all our new members. Three members responded to a request asking why they decided to be a part of DIA. As the members send in their stories of introduction they will be published. 
Here are the stories and reasons for joining the DIA from those who have responded: 

 Annemarie Kallenbach My name is Annemarie
 Kallenbach. I am a native Chicagoan, and now live in 
Adrian, Michigan. I was influenced by Sr. Sue Schreiber
 when I visited INAI Gallery. I work in fiber art in knitting, 
crocheting, loom weave, quilting and sewing. I also like 
to work in book art, ceramics, metal and jewelry, as well
 as enamel and bead weaving. I have no expectations 
but feel the charism to preach through making and 
gifting my art. 

                                                        Marlene Marks Kasama I like to be called 
                                                        Marlene. I am from Bardstown, Kentucky and my                                                         husband, Katsuyuki, is from Japan. We have two                                                         daughters, Megumi and Kimiko. I have worked four                                                         years for the Dominican Sisters of Peace at St.                                                         Catharine, Kentucky, as their Motherhouse                                                         Administrator. I am also an Associate. My background                                                         is in Human Resources Management and                                                         Administration. I was influenced to join the DIA when I                                                         saw that the organization existed in an article in the                                                         oppeace newsletter. I enjoy all the arts, especially music. I play the piano and flute. When I joined, I was so warmly greeted by Pat Daly and other members and am happy to be included in a group that not only appreciates the arts but cares about each other. I like that we pray for each other and use our talents for the glory of God. 

Frandel (F.K.) Marsh Greetings in Christ! My name is Frandel K
(F.K.) Marsh and I am a Lay Dominican with the Immaculate 
Heart Chapter in Buffalo, New York. I joined DIA over a year ago.
 My profession-journey as a Lay Dominican began several years 
ago with a Washington, A 5 DC, chapter at the Dominican House 
of Studies – a blessing, indeed. Years prior to that, however
, Mother Assumpta Long of the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the 
Eucharist, in a conversation one day said to me, “Boy, do you
 sound Dominican,” and the Lord planted the seed. I go by
 Frandel, a name my Mom said they made up, but I also go by F.K. Marsh especially professionally. So folks in Michigan and Maryland where I have had the majority of my work life know me as F.K. I’m originally from western New York. In Michigan I worked on a degree and then worked, first as executive director for Family Life Services of Washtenaw County, Inc., which included the blessed oversight of a Pregnancy Counseling Center, and then as business faculty and a dean at Concordia University. I was then called to Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, MD, to teach corporate social responsibility in the business program. My husband, John, and I moved back to western New York a few years ago and encountered and homed our miscellaneous rescues and stray animals. The Lord has blessed me with simple prayers and poetry that have turned into On My Way prayer cards. And, as a result of participating in DIA and recent conversations with Sr. Esther Calderon, OP, four of the prayer cards have just been translated into Spanish. Sr. Esther plans on distributing them to refugees coming into Tucson, AZ. Praise the Lord for her work, the Dominican Sisters of Peace, and so many others. I have also begun writing a children’s book series, DogsareFunx4, virtues-based on the antics of the fourleggeds in our family including my chocolate labrador Therapy Dog partner, Edora. I happened upon the Dominican Institute for the Arts on the Internet through a link on domlife.org, I believe, and since then I have also been incredibly blessed. What a welcoming group you are! John and I love and support all types of art. DIA has offered me the encouragement and opportunity to grow in my own writings. I especially thank Pat Daly for her welcoming care and encouraging spirit. I am thankful to have found the DIA community and I look forward to interacting with more of you. DIA has already been a blessing to me. Please let me know how I might be of service and I pray be a blessing to you.