I think the DIA is particularly appropriate for Dominicans for we are using the creativity which God has shared with us to talk about God. Because what we make is basically a reflection of his word, his goodness, his generosity to us and by using our creativity to make art for other people, ourselves or decoration we are preaching. 

There are so many ways that our creativity which is a gift of God can advance our ideas, our way of life, our vocations. The DIA gives us a wide opportunity to do this with others.
                                 – Thoma Swanson OP
The Dominican Institute for the Arts is a grassroots collaboration of sisters, friars, laity and associates of the Order of Preachers. We are committed to preaching through the arts.

We are painters, musicians, dancers, sculptors, film makers, potters, poets actors, composers, writers, designers of sacred space, dramatists, any other art form you can imagine, and those who appreciate and support the arts. 

DIA provides an invitation to a very rich and artistically contemplative annual gathering. Cost of Membership is a fee of $35 annually. 

You need not be a professional artist to engage in the DIA. Criteria is simple: be a supporter of the arts as preaching and a Dominican friar, sister, associate, nun or Dominican laity.

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