Dominic DeLay OP
Dominic was awarded the Fra Angelico Award in 2008. The Fra Angelico Award is the highest honor of recognition an artist can receive from the Dominican Institute of the Arts.

Fr. Dominic DeLay, OP invites us into a contemporary setting to explore injustice and the dignity of persons with a deep spiritual concern about our world. We recognize the unique artistry of Film Maker, Writer and Director, Fr. Dominic DeLay. 

 ur recipient earned his MFA in film production at Chapman University in Southern California. His 35mm thesis project, "Dogwoman & Magicman", was awarded grants from both the University and the School of Film and Television. His film "The Soda Jerks" was nominated for all but one of Chapman's annual Cecil B. DeMille awards, including Best Film, Best Director, and Best Screenplay. Dominic's "The Sisters O'Malley" was one of only a handful of projects chosen out of over one hundred for production sponsored by Chapman's large and distinguished School of Film and Television.

Dominic has also received awards from Park City Film Music Awards; Angelus Film Awards and presentations at the Lost Angeles Religious Education Congress.

 He earned his BA in Music from Occidental College in Los Angeles and his MA in Theology and the Arts from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. 

Dominic DeLay is a Dominican friar and Catholic priest in Los Angeles who writes and directs films. He is the founder and president of Mud Puddle Films, which creates contemplative cinema that opens minds to mystery, hearts to hope. His DVD of award-winning short films is popular with discussion groups. The audience favorite is Soda Jerks, a bittersweet comedy about the power of sweets over a bitter old woman. Another DVD is Inside Darkness, a thriller about three presidential candidates trapped in a dark cell. His current project is Zola Jumped In, about a 15-year-old girl who, when the little brother she raised is killed, turns to a gang, a neighborhood church, and pregnancy for a sense of belonging and purpose. The story takes place at the late night Easter initiation, with glimpses backward and forward in time. The film will explore the beauty and depth of ritual, sacraments, and community. 

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