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Joeann Daley OP
From Recent Show at Sinsinawa Mound
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Recent Show at the Mound
Christmas package

Christmas package top and bottom
Great Styroart structure
Three part Styroart piece
Jewel encrusted chalice
Dancing with butterflies- elephants
Angel time
Towers of Styroart
Celebrate Montana
Goblet bowl cups bowl interior
Seven Cups
TheTrinidadTobago Cups
Searching for Truth and Beauty. Preaching through the Transforming Power of the Arts
A Dominican Sister from Sinsinawa, Joeann Daley was awarded the Fra Angelico Award in 2007.She was also given the DIA Spirit Recognition at Mission San Jose.

Joeann Daley’s work is playful and narrative and is often filled with familiar images of saints, mythological figures as well as iconic sculptural elements. She has worked in etchings, monoprints, lithographs, pasted prints, mixed media and photo collages. Joeann has been recruitment director and coordinator of Studio Art at Rosary Graduate School in Florence and was the founder and first director of Copper Village Museum and Art Center, Anaconda, Montana.

Joeann is also a past president of DIA.

Joeann Daley OP 1962-2015
The Evolution of the Artistic Imagination
April 11 to June 3, 2015