Kathleen Voss OP 
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Camellia Contentment
Early Snowfall
Just Resting
Pretty in Pink
Take my hand
A Stream Lies Therein
Apple Season
Dance of the centuries
Fall Splendor
High Wonder
Japanese Garden
New Moon
Open Plain
Peaceful Splendor
Pear Haven
Philodendron Scandens
Poppy Dazzle
Storm brewing
A Time to rejoice
Tree glows
"Rooted in the Gospel, we recognize our own spiritual longings and those of the world." -

As an artist my own spirituality grows in appreciation for nature and the often inexpressible beauty our Creator God has gifted to us.

Hence my artistic endeavors lean heavily in my attempt to convey those gifts of nature. I do so through the use of digital painting making use of the Corel Painter program wherein brushes in most traditional media can be incorporated.

Should an observer of my work take time to look closer, be enriched or grow in appreciation of God's gifts then I have achieved a level of success.
Mutations Begin
Morning Glories
Long Awaited View
Water Glories
A Day to Remember
Virginia Bluebells
Cloud dreams


My initial art classes began in High School through Art Instruction. As a college student at Siena Heights College and the Toledo Museum of Art. My BA in Art was received from Siena Heights College (presently University) and a MA in Psychology from the University of Detroit. My ministries ranged from Educator in Pre-School, Elementary School and High School; Religious Education Coordinator; Community Mental Health Therapist; Pastoral Care with Senior Citizens and a Parish Bereavement Program. In between these ministries my art revolved around painting in acrylic and oils; calligraphy and photography.

In 1995 involvement with Computer Graphics began to emerge when I pursued teaching myself a “dos” based graphics program. Attendance at the "Regional Convention of Computers in the Classroom" only wetted my thirst for more knowledge. Attendance at day and Week-long Graphic related Workshops and self study has led to my preferred use of Corel Draw Graphic Suite and Corel Painter.

Near the end of 2012 I found a website called "Digital Art Academy" that offers classes in Digital Painting using the CorelPainter Program. Hence since finding this marvelous resource I've been taking online courses using CorelPainter. Doing so has increased my knowledge of this vast program and improved my skills and techniques.

My tools include CorelPainter Software; Wacom electronic tablet and stylus; Digital Brushes, included in the Software, which enable one to work with most of the traditional media an artist might choose to achieve their work. Some examples are: Acrylics, Oils, Airbrushes, Chalk, Pastels, Impasto, Liquid Ink, Colored pencils, Pens, Gouache, and Watercolor. Lastly high quality archival paper and ink for use with a Professional Printer.

Presently my art work includes original Digital Paintings, Greeting Cards, Brochure Covers, and Logo’s. For the DIA Newsletter design "OPalette" along with the DIA's Tenth Anniversary Bookmark (as shown in my DIA Gallery art samples) I used the CorelDraw Graphics Program.