These poems were published in Issues of The Spiritual Connection, a spirituality reflection letter sent out by subscriptions, now in its 19th year.

Some are acronyms based on the theme of the issue, others prayer type poems to fit with the theme.  

The date underneath is the date of The Spiritual Connection issue. 

Wholesome Invitation

At the crossroads of our lives,
We are invited to stand and look.
Look within and all around.

Another request
 For our listening
 “Ask for the ancient paths,”

A reminder “Trust the promise.”
Good is here,
All is well.

Come and find
for your souls.”

- Mary Ellen Robertson
published March 2015 based on Jeremiah 6:16 

Flowers bursting in joy
Loving us
Onto our landscapes
Waiting for our awareness
Enchanted by the beauty
Returning us to ever joy
Stirring us to delight.



-Mary Ellen Robertson
acronym June 2012


Oh, God hear my desire 
with these questions.
“Is it up to me, or...
is it up to you?”

“What is this notice of
out of balance
that invites me
deeper to Be
to listen and discern?”

“Did you whisper
in the noise?”
“Did your deep peace
in the moment of grace
invite me to
notice You
the balancer?”

- Mary Ellen Robertson/ May 2014

A Psalm to The Great Energizer

O Great Source,
of all being
You are
the fullness of Creation.
You are life in us.
Help us to love as you love.
Your energy will be our source,
radiating to our world.

May this be our worship,
Sacrament, alleluia.
May we be Love as
You loved us.

-Mary Ellen Robertson/ June 2010

Mary Ellen Robertson OP