Mary Ellen Paulson OP

Sample of my ABC quatrains in SILENT NIGHT – A charming selection of Personalized RELIGIOUS CHRISTMAS GREETINGS (a display book begged for after Christmas from a store selling cards)

A is for Angels                                B is for Bethlehem                         C is for Camels;
They know and they love                 Place of renown,                            They carried the kings
The Little Lord Jesus                       Jesus was born there                     Who came from the East.
Who came from above.                    Near that tiny town.                       They brought Jesus things.

                D is for donkey                                                    . E is for Egypt
                A great job he did:                                                 To which they had fled.
                Carried the dear ones                                             Please take them to safety
                Who from Herod hid.                                              Angel had said.

H – Holy Family`                             L is for Lambs                                 S is for Shepherds,
The best upon earth!                       Both the black and the white;            Star, Stable and Straw;
Lessons they taught us                   He came to save both.                     Creatures adored Him
Have we learned their worth?           To teach all the right.                        And loved what theysaw.

               Y is for Years                                                        Z is for Zeal
               Since the older we grow                                         That’s a hard word, ‘tis true;
               The more we should love God                                 It means helping others      
               They want it so.                                                     So they love God, too.

                                                    With this book of verses
                                                    Is a wish most sincere
                                                    MERRY CHRISTMAS to each;
                                                    And a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Oh the joy and truth of dying;
We're doing it each day.
Yes, Death is just an open door
Of love in every way!
It's hard to see Death listed
As sadness, evil, doom. .
I see it as the opening
To a joyful holy room.
Whenever my Death happens, friends,
Please celebrate all 'round!
Let everybody listen to
Your great and thankful sound.
As I'm enjoying that heaven
With angels, family, friends.
Know you will be remembered:
Beginnings, middles, ends.
Sme Paulson, CP. 6/20/15
A rock and I are one.
We care, we give, we love;
And share each other’s needs
With our God up above.

To grow up happy on a farm;
In gratitude I pray!
The sight of stars and rainbows bright,
Fruit, and fun – harvest hay.

Walking far to country school
Grades one to eight, one room;
Three super teachers, really great!
We savored every bloom!

I’m thankful, oh my mother
For all you’ve given me.
I’m sorry for the damage;
Let us not let it be.
The human family’s learning.
The Pope says, “we can change!”
Days ahead should better be,
For mountains, rivers, range.

By sme - Sister Mary Ellen Paulson, O.P. --- written at three separate short periods as a special response time on a Retreat Day, May 7th, 2016, by Alliance Eco-Justice  

Attending country school, one room, one teacher with grades one through eight, we were required to memorize nine poems a year. What a joy in rhythm and rhyme! When a small collection of my poems were entered in the county fair they earned a 75 cent prize. DIA urged all to continue preaching with our Art. Not only did I use my poems in each classroom subbing every day in Milwaukee Public Schools for twenty-five years in my last of sixty-two years in education; but Guest House, a fine facility for the homeless where we volunteered each week, the Guests could pick a letter from my booklet FROM A THROUGH Z with Poet SME. Having listeners share their poems is extremely gratifying. Now in my ninetieth year, it’s enjoyable sorting all the quatrains, pages long - a huge collection from over the years. New poems flow out occasionally and I’m grateful!