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Maryanna Euring OP
I had always been drawn to Asian Brush Paintings and longed for the day when I would have the time to express myself through this medium. Now, after a “lifetime” as teacher, administrator, hospital chaplain and counselor, I am fulfilling my heart’s desire. My paintings visually express a quote from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin which has inspired me over the years: “For those who know how to see, everything is sacred”. As a contemplative artist, I attempt to “see” the essence of reality and portray it by using the simple tools of ink, brush and rice paper. The simplicity of the medium appeals to me, as it truly expresses my belief that “less is more”. As my creative “Chi” is released and flows spontaneously through the brush, I am always surprised by what emerges. Invariably, it’s an expression of my inner self…perhaps a visual depiction of risks taken, challenges overcome, accomplishments achieved, and all the varied and deep emotions experienced within our universal life stories. 
“Crisis and Opportunity”
“Dancing in the Sun”
“Wisteria Awakening”
“Dominic’s Walking Prayer”
Those who gaze on my art tell me that they are attracted by their “spirit”, and many are surprised to see their own life story emerge through what has flowed from my brush. This new-found gift of Asian Brush Painting is for me, both a delight and a passion. It nourishes my contemplative soul, and, as the brush takes on a life of its own, I continue to be amazed by what mysteriously appears, and am filled with gratitude. As a Sister in the Amityville Dominican/International Order of Preachers since 1956, I am delighted that proceeds from sales help support our “Ministry to and with the Poor”.