Thoma Swanson OP
Here are some examples of her latest work. 
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Thoma was awarded the Fra Angelico Award in 2005. A Dominican Sister of Peace, Thoma Swanson OP is a Dominican artist, scholar and teacher, who has devoted her life to preaching the gospel through her artwork. Her art ranges from woodcuts to paintings, from murals to tapestries. However, she is best known for her stained glass windows and Dominican Icons. In Chimbote, Peru, Thoma organized small groups of women to create and sell needlework and other handcrafts at fair-trade prices. The message of her work is that art is "a rejoicing in the beauty of the world. Without it, our lives are very empty and cold and boring."
Dominican the Innkeeper
Cross of Hidden Joy
Middle Falls, Letchworth
Tucson,  Murray's Grapefruit
Valle de Santa Eulalia,Peru
with honey from the rock
Albert the Great
Angels, Guadelupe, Peru
Jesus, the Good Shepherd
God's Tent
Fireland prairie
Every Human heart will melt
Mary Magdalen
Mary anointing Jesus
Mary anointing Jesus detail
Holy Family

Here are the days of Creation, a silk banner exhibited in the Ohio State Fair. The days are: winds over the void, separation of the waters above and below, stars and moon, sun and all plants, animals and all human persons, God says: "It is good!" God rests.
Dominican Institute for the Arts
Dominican Institute for the Arts
Searching for Truth and Beauty. Preaching through the Transforming Power of the Arts