“Carved from New Mexico alabaster, mounted on Ohio granite and elevated on a Salem limestone slab, the stone carving depicts the unfolding of being and becoming, the essence of my emerging life and a catalyst for my eventual disappearance. The passion of inner strength and the felt knowing of inner struggle stand in relationship to one another creating a unique truth that is the foundation of my “personhood” and more importantly the essence of my “spirit presence" today.It has been an ongoing pilgrimage. Each new threshold has been poised to engage new practices,challenge skills and develop strengths to move beyond being the self absorbed me, the compensating borderless me and the independent, less than humble me; always intending to unfold the next threshold of becoming.

The Power of One
Vicki Perfect OPA 
The Power of One
Free flow
Discernment Cairn
Rising with shadow(limestone)
Soul connected (Alabaster)
The Ever Evolving I
The Ever Evolving I
The Ever Evolving I
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The Ever Evolving “I” attends to the lack of symmetry and the tug of war I daily encounter with
being and becoming. I elected to befriend both deficits. I chose a chocolate brown alabaster devoid
of hidden fault lines yet riddled with fissures that demand attention without destruction and add to
the creative energy necessary to move back and forth between the two life forces. The oversized
eye represents an existing preoccupation with “seriousness” that often tempers joy in the moment.
This art experience has given me a greater appreciation and compassion for the struggle of being
and becoming unique to each of us. The truth of who “I am” is non-binding, subject to the sediments of spiritual practices I employ, fermented in the DNA of environments in which I travel and
resurrected through relationshionships.
  Nurture Yourself from Inside Out. 
White alabaster from Italy; 17”H x 7”Wx 4”D